Monday, December 19, 2011

To Spank or Not to Spank?

 An intriguing article about the spanking debate was featured in Parent's magazine, I am shocked by the statistics;

 81% of readers polled on said they had spanked their children, 

 22% do it once a week or more

Despite the vast majority of child-development experts believing that spanking children is ineffective and can lead to aggressive, delinquent behaviour, substance misuse yet many parents still think that it works better than using non-physical disciplining techniques.

Although the most popular opinion on this issue tends to lean more on the No Spanking side, there are some doctors who dare to oppose, they argue that an openhanded smack to the bottom is harmless and can be helpful. They deemed it harmful when it was the only form of punishment and when the spanking was severe like striking the face or kicking.

I have heard what the experts have said, but I really would like to know what stance real parents take, because it is easy to make infallible statements behind a desk and a computer or in a report but when it comes down to real life its so much more complicated. 

How do YOU discipline your child? 
Is Spanking going too far, or is a little tap harmless?


  1. I believe that smacking a child with reason is good for them when they have crossed the line, it helps them to understand consequence and respect authority in my opinion

  2. Shukura, thank you for your honest and insightful opinion. Indeed having respect for authority is important, and the basis of discipline but how do parents define the line that shouldn't be crossed?