Saturday, December 31, 2011


“Just walking though supermarket. See a mom breast feeding little kid. Took second look because obviously I was seeing things. I wasn’t!” he wrote, then graphically described what he saw. “#nasty,” Kahne added, “I don’t feel like shopping anymore or eating.”- NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne

Anyone who knows me, knows I am infuriated my this misogynistic, judgemental,narcissitc comment made by Kasey Kahne. Its not about what you or anyone else thinks, Nursing is a matter of basic surivial for a newborn baby. As long as Mum is covered its no one's business where she nurses her baby. 

Who are you? 

Or anyone else for that matter to dictate where and when a Mother should nurse her HUNGRY baby? 

What is so disgusting about nursing in public?

Was she parading her engorged breasts down by the aisles? 

I can't think of anything more insensitive and inconsiderate to say, and then to have the cheek to TWEET IT?

Did he think we were all going to agree? Kasey Kahne must be eating his words.

Target- A family store

Enraged mothers in  Texas have descended upon Target in protest, after Michelle Hickman was asked to breastfeed her baby in a fitting room. In solidarity, Mollycoddle Me is going to put on our status  one benefit of breastfeeding a day on our Facebook status bar, we are going to TWEET them, Shout them out from our roof TOPS BREAST FEEDING IS A NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL WAY TO NURISH A BABY.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to pick the stroller that's right for YOU

Innovative brands like bugaboo and Stokke have set the standards so high for stroller trends, with new and even more gorgeous colours and designs coming out everyday its hard to stay in vogue. As more and more celebs mums have been spotted sporting their designer strollers, what's hot in pram trends can change so quickly you can't afford to settle with something you are not sure about. 

To make matters worse, these strollers are not cheap,the cost of Prams nowadays are becoming increasingly high, and you could typically find your self spending over £1000 (or dollars) if your looking at the high end stuff. 

So How Do You Shop For A Stroller?

Lets face it, yummy mummy or not what you need is a pram that works for YOU, but still looks fabulous.

When stroller shopping you need to think about whether this product is a practical option for you. Although most good quality prams have a long life span, you could find yourself tossing it out or ready to pass it on sooner then you would like to admit. 

There are so many reasons why you could find yourself highly unsatisfied with your almost-new purchase;

  • weight
  • width
  • your height
  • size
  • way it folds
  • wheels

Here are some questions to ask yourself when buying a stroller

  • How do you get around?  Car, bus, train or do you walk a lot?

  • Do you have enough storage space for the stroller?

  • Consider yours and your partner's statures, are you tall or petite? Will the pram be to short for you or too heavy to lug around the city with?

  • Does the stroller suit city or country life?

  • Are you planning to have another baby soon after the birth?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elmo Kids Party

Last week, we were vending at a kids event and the kids absolutely loved our Elmo themed table.
We were surrounded by intrigued parents and their excited children...

Monday, December 19, 2011

To Spank or Not to Spank?

 An intriguing article about the spanking debate was featured in Parent's magazine, I am shocked by the statistics;

 81% of readers polled on said they had spanked their children, 

 22% do it once a week or more

Despite the vast majority of child-development experts believing that spanking children is ineffective and can lead to aggressive, delinquent behaviour, substance misuse yet many parents still think that it works better than using non-physical disciplining techniques.

Although the most popular opinion on this issue tends to lean more on the No Spanking side, there are some doctors who dare to oppose, they argue that an openhanded smack to the bottom is harmless and can be helpful. They deemed it harmful when it was the only form of punishment and when the spanking was severe like striking the face or kicking.

I have heard what the experts have said, but I really would like to know what stance real parents take, because it is easy to make infallible statements behind a desk and a computer or in a report but when it comes down to real life its so much more complicated. 

How do YOU discipline your child? 
Is Spanking going too far, or is a little tap harmless?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lime & Green Baby Shower Theme (Real Party)

When we were asked to organise this baby shower, we wanted to drift away from the usual pastel blues and pinks that are synomous with baby showers, and babies in general. We were going for a vintage look with a modern aura; so we used clean whites and crisp lime greens.  We pieced together beautiful decorative accents like the vintage bird cage and the wicker basket giving the party that shabby chic look we are loving right now, and we brightened up the theme with fresh greens which gave it a edgy, modern feel.  

This Elegant baby shower was inspired by the purity and innocence of infancy while the greens represented the new begininngs associated with welcoming a baby into the world. We fell in love with the Little Pink Birdie Baby Shower, by Frog Prince Paperie; her beautiful baby shower got our creative wheels rolling.
The party was held at Jay's Soul Food and the location was perfect for an elegant, cosy and warm get together with the lighting dimmed accurately for the occasion. We are very pleased with the outcome of this party and are excited to share it with everyone.
I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking :) 

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

New flyers are out!!!!

We are preparing to launch our services... here are some flyers we are having printed;

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Touch and the breastfed child

Babies use touch to learn about their environment, it is the first sense to develop. Children they learn about love and affection, self-esteem and reassurance through positive touch. But, Touch is also critical for their physical development, when a child is touched a message is sent to the pituitary gland to release a growth hormone.(Heller1997.) Recent studies in Romanian Orphanages revealed that touch deprived infants achieved only half the normal height for their age, this tragic condition is known as 'nonorganic failure-to-thrive (Heller1997.) In this powerful excerpt; touch expert Tiffany Field depicts the abject conditions that the Romanian children were in;
"Tana and the others had spent most of their times in cribs, and had been touched and held only during infrequent caregiving activities. Barely able to walk on their stick-like legs, the children stared at the recently arrived massage therapists and winced at their touch. But, after many months of regular nutrition and massage therapy, Tana (like the others who received the same treatment) was no longer a gaunt like skeleton, and her legs were strong enough for her to run without her toppling over." (Field2003)

Despite the critical importance of touch, in our society it is on the decline. Touch is increasingly becoming a taboo. Parents are touching less and less, teachers have been banned even though sexual abuse is relatively rare in the school setting. Here is a static that will shock you; The average Western infant gets touched 25% of the day or less, babies are wheeled around in strollers or stuffed in carseats, and once home they are put in bouncers and they spend their nights alone in a crib. There is an obvious link between touch and breastfeeding, they go hand in hand. If you are an expectant mother and are having doubts about breastfeeding, maybe you should think again. Breastfeeding acts as a platform for mother and baby touching, when a mother nurses her child, she tends to hold that baby much closer than she would if he was bottle-fed. Oxytocin better known as the 'cuddle hormone' is released in the mother's body, which makes her want to hug and caress her baby. Then proclatin kicks in making mum want to 'mother' and nurture the baby.